Welcome to Chandigarh Art Fair 14/05/2018 - 18/05/2018. International Painting Symposium / Master Classes.

Live the great multi-culture experience and participate in the world artistic dialogue to the answer with your Art Language to the questions above the mystery of life that no one made. International Artistic cultural & scientific organization have the great honour to invite you in the works to the great famous cultural organization Chandigarh Art Fair “International Painting Symposium” Master Classes that will be realized in the Hotel at Chandigarh. Confirm your participation as soon as possible, to meet with the great artists from the whole world and live creative artistic moments…..





Hotel free with breakfast, lunch+dinner(4 days in double room)

Registration Cost 4 days

Artists: 31000 Rupees for one

Visitors: 34000 Rupees for one

Artist without hotel: Ful program 5000 Rupees children up to 3 years free( Birth Certificate attached)

Advance for Registration=10,000, Deposit of rest entry into the room.




Certificate from UNESCO goodwill ambassador

Certificate from D’FU Glee Gal Aria, New York

Certificate from Chaudhary Art Trust(Participation)

Certificate for the participation in Master Class

Certificate from the Chandigarh Art Fair(Participation)

RJF international Painting Award


Free tour to the most important places of Chandigarh.

General Information:

Artworks: every artist can create one painting size - 3 x 2.5 Feet

Collection: The painting will be added to the “Chaudhary Art Trust Collection”

Materials: Artist will bring colours, brushes and special material (oil colours not allowed).

Working  Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM. Visitors you can invite your friends.

Students needs to provide their ID cards at the time of registration. 

Students will bring there own colors, we will be providing drawing sheets only.

Paintings will be the property of CHOUDHARY ART TRUST.

Please Note - 75% of revenue earned from Sale of Painting will be given to the Artist and Balance 25% will be kept by the Trust.

Universities/ Academics/ Colleges/ Schools/ Artistic Groups:

Professors & students are welcome to participate in the great artistic experience with different terms. Please contact us. The event is supported by the system and projector

International Artistic Chaudhary Art Master Classes:

Chaudhary Art Master Classes offer artists, friends of art and students of time arts, university the opportunity to work with a renowned artist with national and international reputations in the dates Chandigarh Art Fair.

Chaudhary Art Master Classes Targets

Postgraduate artist and highly advanced undergraduates with performing experience. Master Classes offer scheduled in everyday formats and often include a public lecture


Participation Plans

    • INR 5,000

    • Local Artist

      • Full program
      • Local Residents of Chandigarh
      • College/School Students
      • Without Accommodation
    • Register
    • INR 10,000

    • Indian Artist

      • Full program
      • From All over India except Chadigarh
      • Without Accommodation
      • Advance 10,000
    • Register
    • INR 31,000 - USD 540

    • International Artist

      • Full program
      • Any Foreign Nationalist
      • Accommodation
      • Advance 10,000
    • Register

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

In case of cancellation of the event, Chaudhary Art Trust to accept the 100%  of the prepaid amount as an advance for another symposium in the duration of one year.

In case a participant artist cancels his/her participation, the advance is not refundable.

For the protection of the deposit, the advance is not transferable. Trust for the same person can use it again for next art fair.

If the participation of the artist be cancelled his own liability the artist can use the 50% of his advance for the next fair in the duration of one year. The 50% of his advance will be kept for the cost of Chaudhary’s Art Trust office