Mr. Jodha Singh Choudhary is a world famous water color artist. His most amazing contribution to Indian art of modern times is a continual revival of watercolour and one of the country's most talented and successful watercolour artists. He has explored several concept of water color paintings which are recognised by critics all over the world. He is now helping artist from different countries to arrive at a platform and show their talent in different aspects of paintings. He is now organising his first painting workshop in chandigarh and aims to organise such exhibitions all over India and abroad.


M.A. (Pol. Sci. / History / Socology)

Dip. (In Comm. ART)



World famous water colours artist. Founder Chaudhry art trust. Director Chaudhry international art.

Retd. (S.S. Master & ARTIST  N.V.S. Chandigarh)